Welcome to my blog , I hope you find here all the help you need to become a better YOU , We can't change a situation if first we don't change ourselves . To make a change  we have to stop pointing fingers to the problem but to the solution. I see the problem and I consetrate to  the solution. And remeber there is no bad jobs , all jobs are very important for this world , every service matters . There are bad bosses/companies and bad environment. Working is health, it's  productive, it brings us together. We have to change our mindset that working is a struggle.

Struggle is  a poor salary , bad management and a toxic environment. And we can fix it as long we work together for the solution.


A Legend or a Tyrant?

Hello to the  owners, managers, CEO , bosses or whatever title you like to call yourself. You have a high position or maybe  you have a hundred certificates  ,or  you  went to the best college/university  , you study business management for years, and now you’re taking a big salary or better, you  became millionaire from your own  company . Well done to you for all your efforts and work , but guess what? They count for  nothing if you have no education   on  human rights   and  what work ethics means. Companies need leaders. If you want your company to succeed you need to be a leader your self , and your biggest weapon is humans. Humans  who  stand by you and respect you  and your  business.  They are working for you and they will bring you all the blessings you dreamed of , however   if you don’t know how to treat people and to  be  a leader , you  should take your money and go on a long vacay and hire a real  business man/woman that can provide better leadership to your company  for a better world. Nobody can   put kindness or appreciation inside you if you don’t already have it , but I  can teach you . Bosses and Managers with no humanity or sensitivity on human rights or basic behaviour and communication skills  should  not be  allowed of having any kind of business that require  employees.  So you have 2 choices, change your self and the structure  of your company  or remain as you are and watch your  business crumble and your best employes abbandonig you ,  and worst , you will be left with the worst , lazy employees that no successful  company will accept to have. Hard working  employees  are waking up to this reality and started to quit  on bosses and companies that  don't respect or appreciate them .  It’s an awakening time for  us  the employees  , and it’s time for you to wake up .   If your were a bad employer until now  please look your self in the mirror have a conversation with yourself  and ask  your self if you truly are a good person first of all , and if you are hesitant  know that you can still change. You can have a successful company/business  where everyone will want  you to work for you ,  or you can be a  tyrant that is left with a company on the verge  of catastrophee with the worst kind of employees.  Life is short, and time flys  Choose today!! What kind of a boss  you want to be and how you want to be  remembered . A legend or a tyrant?

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How to deal with pressure and hard times

Workplace is not all about butterflies and good vibes, there are days and sometimes even weeks when things are difficult  ,  but to remember , a company that  has 365 hard days  is not normal , a good workplace is all about balance. So let’s see how we can handle some of those days. 

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