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This blog is all about workplace . We spend hours and hours of our life at work , working hard just to survive , we struggle most of the time to even make our way to our workplace , unhappy and depressed and just waiting the time to pass to finally leave ,  get our monthly salary that most of the time is not enough even for the basics ,  We say we are free , slavery ended in most countries hundred years ago but actually we just created a modern slavery and we still let "masters" control us and we call them bosses , managers  and the titles go on and on ,  It's time to make a change , work for people who are humans and they respect human rights, leaders who motivate us instead of putting us down ,  humans who  they respect the work ethics .  They are nothing without us , we make them strong , we make them rich . it's time we make them change , it's time to help each other for a better world  , starting by being kind to one another ,   our jobs  play one of the biggest part of our lives

And we have no choice but properly do our jobs so that everything keeps on smoothly moving around us . However, we are all human beings who deserve to be happy no matter the job. WE can fix this together!

Hi ,  my name is Tatiana , I ve been an employee without human rights the last twenty years   and am here to make a stand and change it for all of us. 






A little about me ,


My name is Tatiana and I will write my work life journey at some point, I Promise  . I ' ve been working for 20 years . 20 years of toxic environment , bad salaries , bad management ,  no human rights , no work ethic's , being bulled , harassed , I let people break my confidence in a level of thinking that maybe I don't deserve something good. My mental health was at the edge.  I was exausted mentally and physically.  Then I had to choose  , I should  find   a job with everything I ever wanted , with dissent people who will appreciate my hard work cause I love to work , a good salary to live a normal happy life , I could be happy, with a good search I will . But then it was that pain that I always had , every time I see people struggle at work when work should be something good , the pain  for the people who couldn't stand up for themselves ,  I ask my self what about that people you helped during your journey , what if you could help more. I've been loved so much  through my journey this 20 years , I've met so many nice people that some of them I helped to move on , I gave them confidence , understanding , tough love , make them laugh,  although   some people need me  to be hard on them  in order for them to become better , for them am even more  proud when I see them success  . This people made me think again what is my propose , is it to put my self in a box of happiness ? Be selfish  and let the world burn? Or I step out of my comfort zone and burn down walls and  problems and give a shot of being heard. Well if you read this , you already know what I chose. The question now is to you , are you with me on this journey to create workplaces for everyone to be happy?