5 simple steps to become a good boss

Published on 12 June 2023 at 18:09

Am gonna try  to educate  you in  5 steps how to be a good Boss ,  it's a whole book how to be a good boss and  create a successful company, but we have to start somewhere. If you start with this five it's the big step toward  to  success . 

  1. Preach kindness and positivity: Be careful, it’s tricky, you  can’t teach your employees to be kind and respect each other , while you are not . First , YOU  have to be kind and positive!!  You chose to start a company and recruit people to work for you. You are ,  the  LEADER , your job is to lead  people to bring profit to your company,  Lead them to that , by  first teaching them  to be kind to each other  and they in return  be kind to your business .
  2. Appreciate your employees: appreciation is not only in the salary  , I wish that most of the companies and bosses realise that, a simple, thank you to your employee It’s a big deal for them. Thank you for working for me and making my company better. Verbally  reward them for their job . They could be anywhere else, but they chose you as their boss and leader.
  3. Invest in them: The most important thing for companies is to invest in their people , invest to train them not only about the job, but the most simple thing,  about work ethics , how they should be as good employees , how they will react on hard situations, listen to their worries and questions and help them with solutions,  at the end of the day they are working for your company , they should not have any question about how are they gonna  do their job or struggle and stress. Is your job to educate  them to be better and successful.
  4. Have meetings with the managers: Manager, it’s a position with a lot of responsibility. They are the bridge  between you and your employees , be there for them listen to them and help them succeed. They have a lot of burden, and you should help them with solutions and conversations. They should feel confident and safe to talk to you  for whatever happening without any fear or hesitation.
  5. Share your business success: When you  reach a goal, and have a success, share  it with  your employees and thank everyone for helping you and the company  get you there .  Because without your employees, your business would not exist , you will not be a leader . Don’t hide your success or be miserable and want more.  It’s OK to want more,  we all do. It’s all coming together , with time and hard work, but stop hiding it because you’re afraid that someone is going to ask for a raise. No one is going to ask a raise if you’re paying them sufficiently . A boss who whines ,  complains and hides  his success , is the one who doesn't   want to reward  his employees,   he’s the one who is giving  poor salaries and wants to get rich by enslaving their employees . 



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