The srtuggle of the salary

Published on 14 June 2023 at 07:40

Most  people are not living they are surviving ,  that’s why we are in such a miserable world. We like it or not , money plays a very big role in our lives , when you can't  afford the basics you’ve got stress and struggle, but the goal is not for us to survive it’s to live a good life.


 The goal is not to cover your basics only,  we have  to be happy too. When you are wealthy  and you never had to struggle with money ,  you cannot empathised  an employee that struggles. What do you need to do,  is to understand them.  Depends on the country and the  economy  as a boss ,  It’s not your job only to know the financial  aspect  of your company, but also of  the people that  are living  normal lives ,  and have to survive based on the salary you are paying  them , is it enough?  Know the needs of a human being to live respectfully and with dignity .  Start researching ,   for example , if you have a product depends on how the country economy goes you know when to change your prices. How is it possible to expect your employees  to survive if you make no change in the salaries as well . We are talking for an Upgrade of-course  not a downgrade . It’s not just your company that have to make profit, It Is also your employees that they have to live. It is unforgivable for a boss to have no knowledge what is the basics for a human to live his lifestyle. Pursue knowledge  in order to better  educate yourself so you will know what is the basic salary you should pay , according to your research, and  not by the government report. The government does not have  first hand knowledge   cannot relate to with every day people . Make a research and examine within your self , for example : if you are giving to your employee €1000,  I would please like you  to consider living  with  €1000 for a month and see how it goes,  how many things are you willing to sacrifice  in order to  survive. If you cannot live a good life with €1000 per month that means none of your employees can. So make them push their own boundaries  , you  bring them to the edge ,  every month,  they get  stress every month , they’re struggling  however   they keep coming and  showing up to your company and give their best to work for you so you can be financially carefree  . Is that fair? I'm  not telling you  , don't   be wealthy, please be wealthy  , I wish you all the blessings and I wish you a lot of money and success. It’s your company,  your business, good for you , I respect it  ,  however  you have to understand  the needs of your employee in order to live a decent and happy life , so they will  keep showing up to your business motivated and  keep working because  they are finically free.  Another way of  understanding  is a market research  in your country about the cost of living  , start from the basics , how much it cost a supermarket for somebody to eat well,   fuel you need for a month , a visit to a  doctor,  or to enjoy dinner in a restaurant . Government bills, Taxes , electricity, water, phone bills , everything that  includes   life and pleasure. When you have a golden card with  no limit is easy to not know how it is to struggle with a bad salary .  I’m sure you have your house, but what is happening with the People that  have to pay rent,  what's  is happening with the rents in your country?  The results you gonna find mind surprise you .   I’m gonna tell you the best way  is right there under your nose , what you can do is ask the people who are currently working for you, tell them you are conducting  a research for the company and hand out a quick questionnaire of the basics bills they pay and the money they  spend on needs each month. With  this  you will know if the salary you are giving  provides a respectful and decent life for the people working for you , the benefit to this is to make you a better boss.




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