Choose your managment wisely

Published on 16 June 2023 at 18:19



A  choice of a bad general manager or a manager can destroy  everything you gave effort to build. Managers are the face of the company and you have to choose wisely without being in a  rush ,  it’s not like you hire an employee for an entry level position and you’re 50-50 chances if it will  work out and your willing to take the risk ,  you have to be 100% sure you made the right choice  , for the reason it can  be fatal to your business. 

  1. Choose someone that already works for you,  knows the company and you . A new  hire is a risk , and will  find it challenging  to   connect   with your employees  , and the company will require lot of time to adjust a balance workflow for everyone . However  if you feel that  nobody qualifies for this position  ,  your pursuit  for the right person must be based on very strong interviews. 
  2. Be sure the person you choose is mentally and emotionally stable. You’re choosing a person who will have multiple  responsibilities . Mental health issues or any kind  addictions   can  destabilise a healthy   environment  and will cause a lot of troubles.
  3. Choose someone kind with empathy, but at the same time, a  strong character.  A super extra kind person with no confidence or strong stable character is dangerous, because there is a possibility that the employees will take advantage of his/her kindness. So both are required . kindness and a strong character.
  4. You must to choose someone who is loyal to you and your company , who is understanding , helps in every situation , has a  positive attitude and  its someone who is reliable with problem solving skills.  They are   smart,  funny and calm. 
  5.  Give a chance to everybody who wants to try for this position. Know who wants  to grow,  therefore   inform the company that you are looking for the next manager , and give them a questionnaire to fill . That is  going to be  helpful for you to know who you can choose.                                                                                         *This subject has additional  details , I will return with more information   , stay tuned. 



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