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Published on 16 June 2023 at 18:46


Work/job ,  these days has a  bad name. We can change that together. We need more people to go to work and love it, to be productive , working is healthy and it keeps  us sane . Most people this days hate working , and no,  it’s not because they are  lazy,  it’s because they are not motivated to do it.  So let’s  change this.


  1. Good environment: Create a  safe ,  positive ,  creative   and motivating  environment .
  2. Stop the  gossips : we are all  human, so its in our nature to discuss and observe other humans within our environment,  however you can educate your managers to dissolve and de-escalate situations by putting focus on work and anw if you have a positive vibe in your company, trust me, it will not even need an effort.
  3. Music: Motivational and up beat music makes employees happy and gives a good vibe. If you can do that in your company, then do it,  you will never regret,  music connects people, and the flow of the music makes them active and more efficient. 
  4. Make them feel comfy:
  • create a dissent area   for your employees  rest time  (break time) , some appliances that they can use for their food or drinks, provide clean water, comfy tables/chairs,  clean and  quiet place. Break time it’s a very important time of the day so they can continue to be productive. 
  • make sure that the tools your employees use to perform their task are in good/working condition , make maintence on your equipment so your employee  can work smoothly  without strungle . Additional reminder,  that your clients can pick up on your employees frustration when they are visible strugling to cope. 
  • maintain  a stable and pleasing  temperature within the work space  , (according to the weather conditions of your geo location) as this has a direct reflection to the working performance of your employee, as an example its 40 degrees and you do not allow your employees to switch on the air-condition because  you want to cut cost on utility bills.  That is a disgrace for you and your business  as you allow your   employees to needlessly suffer because you are cheap, a fact  that even your customer can perceive. 
  1. Cut the bad apples: to keep a healthy  environment  sadly  you have to cut the bad apples , as long as you have them it will spread . Staff that  complaining repeatedly , bullies and bad influence must be removed as fast as possible to keep the place clean.



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