Employee or a Slave?

Sometimes our desperation to have a job does not let us see the signs of slavery, so I will write you daily signs that you must understand where the line between the employee and the slave is broken

  1. Not appreciated: It doesn't matter how hard you work you're never good enough , there's never a thank you or a well done , all the effort in the trash,  you never get credit for what you do and while you're doing it they keep asking for more without rewarding you,  they even act  like you owe them for giving you a job.
  2. They don’t care for your mental or physical health: Your physical and mental health is one of the most important things to  keep you working , asking you to come to work while you are sick is the most brutal and dangerous situation your manager or boss ask you to do. 
  3. Work - life balance : You have a personal life outside , your day off and the hours you are not there should be respected , you should never be forced to go to work on your day off and your schedule should never be changed without  they ask you,  if there is an emergency and they need you,  they  have to give you a good offer to  ask you  lose your day off or even work extra hours , they have to offer you something extra from the usual for the extra something you will give them ,  but you still  have the right not to accept the offer  without it ever making you feel bad.
  4. Break time: This is a huge chapter. I would love to write about it at some point with details. If you are in a job working up to four hours and have no break time, you  should fight for it, and if it’s not working, it’s time to change your workplace . Not having break time is the biggest sign of slavery. It’s your human right , you need to take a break relax your body and mind so you’ll get a boost to keep working.
  5. Being bullied or harassed: This is the most sensitive subject for me. If you are harassed from any of your coworkers,   Boss or Manager in any kind of harassment,  sexual , mental  or even worse physical you have to talk if no one does anything,  I would like you please immediately to get  out from this kind of situation,  as long you are quiet more people like you will be harassed and bullied. Talk and if it’s not changed, it’s time to leave cause It will just break you,  and will destroy any kind of positivity you have .

These are just five of the most serious signs of slavery you should know you have human rights and you must be both mentally and physically healthy you deserve to go to work and be happy never forget that



            If you have any questions or a subject you would like me to write,

           don’t hesitate to email me , I would love to help you.

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