Be a good employee

I know , you will say why should I be a good employee in a bad job,  first of all there are no bad jobs they are all important and of equal value,  however  there are bad companies/businesses and poor  management, so this subject is not for that it’s about being good at your job, if you’re not then you must change it,  find something you like and you’re good at it , lets see how  you gonna be good without any skills in five steps .

  1. Be kind: You don't need to go to college or study to know how to do it , it's in you and it's a choice to be kind to your colleagues   to your superiors and even customers
  2. Be helpful and ask for help: What a wonderful world it would be if we helped and served each other , always be helpful and there is no shame in asking for help , it does not make you any less intelligent. 
  3. Don't react in gossips: There is always a reporter in every company/business,  spreading rumour's , don't react to it, let it stop at you, most gossips are lies and you are not there to gossip but to work , now if you are the reporter I would kindly ask you to stop because it is too toxic.
  4. Be disciplined and respectful: be on time,  be fair with your break time, respect your coworkers  and your manager ,don’t cause them troubles, don’t lie, be honest in any occasion, work fair don’t be lazy, be productive, and inspired.
  5. Be positive and have good energy: I understand that we all have personal problems , but for me it is forbidden to take the stress of 'home' to work, (the opposites  is also right ) it is better to be honest with your boss or your manager that you will need some time off to solve some of your personal issues,  if you are in a good company they will understand , sometimes it happens ,   go to work  happy and spread positive energy.  My personal experience  is that when I have personal stress work always  helped me to feel better  , but never the opposite .  I hope you understand what I mean . :)




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