Examples of being harassed and how to react

First of all being bullied in your workplace should be illegal as is harassment,  any kind of bullying should not be acceptable. 

  1. They are targeting you for your personality , beliefs or your appearance  :  is nobody’s business what you believe , how you look like , or how is your personality?  Don’t let nasty people put you down for who you are, cut it off immediately . Never smile at anyone who makes jokes at your expense to make you feel bad instead  of that show them you are annoyed and you didn't  like it at all .
  2. Know your worth and their worth : You are a kind and beautiful  soul, they are unhappy people who like to see others unhappy, our behaviour  to our fellow man is our own mirror . 
  3. Be confident about yourself, and always fight back:  listen to me very carefully,  to build a strong inner self is a lot of work , but not impossible.We all have it inside ,  you just need to externalise it , people who bully you, they think that because you are happy and positive you are an easy target, surprise them , Being good-natured doesn't mean you're also dumb and you have to accept everything. Use smart words and humour to give back the gift of  humour  without insulting them . (I promise I will come back with examples )
  4. Scare them: The  bullies are afraid. Yes, they are afraid , they know exactly what they’re doing , so  being exposed and call out,  they will be judged from everyone , this is one of their biggest  fear , let them know next time they bother you,  you will expose them to everyone, especially your boss and superiors.
  5. Report them : When they get to the point of not stopping while you've done the above then it's time to expose them don't feel bad if they get in trouble or even if they get fired they've already created this situation for themselves . If after this your company or your boss doesn't do anything to stop it you have to move on , they are not a good company as they know their employees are suffering from a bully , this kind of people  can destroy your self esteem,  your confidence and make you feeling exhausted every day, your job will now be a struggle. 


Bullying is a very sensitive issue and unfortunately it is not often discussed too many employees suffer everyday because no one does anything I just want you to know that if you are going through something like this don't be afraid to speak up if you don't have someone to talk to , I am here to listen and help you


If you haver any questions or a subject you would like me to write, 

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