Unprofeshional interview

  1. He/she talks too much and eats up too much time in meaningless conversations , he/she  tries to convince you that  he is a cool manager and that you are very lucky to work for their company , you can see the arrogance in every word.  Every word is a lie . 
  2. He/she asks you questions and information that is already on your cv, such as what was your last job or what did you study , if he/she had read your entire cv before the interview he would not have asked you this questions he/she is trying to buy time because has nothing more to say
  3. Unprofessional attitude and behaviour , you can see it in the way he/she is sitting , playing it cool like you are  friends , making  you personal questions like if you are married for example  , in an interview they’re not allowed to make your personal questions,  you are there for a job position and what matters is your experience  your character and your capabilities .
  4. He/she is not comfortable with your questions, every question you ask him/her for example about the salary , if there are increments at intervals ,if there are promotions or what is the nature of the job exactly and so on, every answer comes to a yes  but...  
  5. Not respecting your time , as an example keeps you waiting and even worst forgetting the interview. 


Remember two things, in an interview they are interested for you, so they will like to know more about you like your character , your ambitions , your skills , see your confident , body language   its all about you,  and second an interview that doesn’t give u the exact information about  the position , your hours ,Salary , raising  , gifts , promotions, health & safety, and about the  contract ,  you should not even think about it.  Walk out the door , it's not your loss , you will find what you deserve , move on to the next. 



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