Reconize a toxic environment from the first weeks.

  1. Complaining employees: First sign of a toxic environment that you can recognise within a week is unmotivated people . Employees who   barely work,   and have a negative workplace attitude  . 
  2. Gossip behaviour and cliques:  The poison for the environment of a company is gossip and cliques,  this group correspond to the employees who have been in this company long enough and will not let a new colleague survive for more than two months there are always misunderstandings,  strange behaviour's and they spreading  rumour's among colleagues  .
  3. No work- life balance: You may be working regular hours right now because you're the new person but you need to see how your colleagues work, if the superiors  act like the staff   don't have a life outside of work in ways like  demanding extra hours, no off days or even worst if they get sick or have a personal occasions, and they need an extra off, they’ve been judged for it. This are some of them.
  4. Rapid employee quitting: People come and go very fast and they are always low staff . Don’t be fooled by the clique who’s there long enough   that I talked about earlier , they’re actually the bullies,  they’re the clique that they hold each with  their toxicity  and the new people are their prey , you either have to be like them or they’re gonna make you leave. 
  5. Trust yourself and your guts: you know something is wrong with this workplace if you survive a month or  two in a place like this it’s time to listen to your body and your brain, if you are constantly   burn out physically and mentally,  you’re not motivated to go work, your body is hating every second you have to spend there, sometimes you even feel sick without any sign of illness  , know it is the  bad energy and that consumes you.If you keep yourself in this environment it will absorb you it will suffocate you and before you know it you will be stuck there for years , you will have many phobias and no self confidence or motivation to leave for something better. Please leave now. 


Life is not about surviving is about living it, you deserve better.


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