Lazy by nature and how to recognize them

Published on 14 June 2023 at 08:49

What is the difference between a lazy  person and someone  who needs help and motivation ,  it will take time  to recognise it. Never  label someone lazy without trying to help and motivate them. They may be shy , they don't  know how to do something properly , or they may lack confidence . It's your job to recognise what's wrong with your employee and they can't do their job successfully  , I want you to understand that we are talking about a new member in the company because if you have a lazy person in your company for too long it is a loss for the company ,It's a detriment to your boss and creates discomfort for the whole team and even you  .The sooner you understand what you're dealing with, the sooner you'll fix it.

  1. Spend time with them: Be there for them without making them feel insecure that you're doing it because they don't know how to do their job , observe them while they are working and when they do something right give praise  example : well done you’re a fast learner,  when they do a mistake don’t focus on  the mistake, focus on showing the right way while doing it together . Always remember a new employee needs at least to elaborate  and  feel comfortable  to work.  
  2. Have a quick chat: Arrange a private chat and ask simple questions like: how you feel with the environment  ? is there something you want us to see again ? you need some help with your tasks? And at the end of the chat let them  know that whatever they needs you and the team are there to help and you are happy having them. 
  3. Remind them the Rules: For some people it is very difficult to follow instructions , and one reason may be the last job they had may have been more free , and do what they want without rules,  so when they come to your company where there are proper rules it will be difficult for them to join but when everyone in the company follows the rules , they will be tempted not to do it  , a very small example is the use of cell phones during working hours but it is the biggest distraction while working. Today  people are not disciplined even for the smallest   . Don't embarrass him in front of others, pull him aside and explain to him that what he is doing is not following company rules
  4. Ask your team: when you have a good relationship with your team, they will be honest with you to help you, so if you can,  ask the most trusted  If this person  works properly with the team when you are not there. 
  5. Give a last chance: it's  been three weeks and there is  no change it’s time to see the last signs.  A natural lazy person is arrogance. It's  the  new person at work but every time you go to help they knows everything  ,  playing smart and try to prove you that  , hey I know my job , I don’t need your help but they are  still doing it wrong. they still don’t know the tasks of their  shift ,  A natural lazy will always find excuses to not work , talk back , always complain and the list goes on ,  in the fourth week they already feel comfortable  to show their real self and if it’s as I describe you, it’s the finale.  Now there is another possibility that we are on a lack of skills and the situation here is difficult   cause you are dealing  with a good person that have no skills, they are  respectful and they want to learn. they  have a good character , bright and positive, but can’t do the job . If you really want this person in your company you have to find them a position that they can respond to, have a conversation with them if they are interested in something different. Trust me if it’s a decent  person they will understand that they’re struggling and if they want to stay with you then  together you will find a solution , without hard  feelings even if at the end you have to end the cooperation.

Always remember that one lazy person can spoil the whole team there will be complaints and the team will struggle with their tasks because someone is not doing their part and everyone else has to work for it.


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