How to deal with pressure and hard times

Published on 19 June 2023 at 12:26

Workplace is not all about butterflies and good vibes, there are days and sometimes even weeks when things are difficult  ,  but to remember , a company that  has 365 hard days  is not normal , a good workplace is all about balance. So let’s see how we can handle some of those days. 

  1. Be prepared: if you’re lucky enough to know the pressure times of work , being prepared it's gonna make things smooth and easy you will not even realize that it's hard times, so always be prepared mentally/physically and get organized , your self and your team.
  2. Keep it calm: panic and stress will  get you out of control. if you need a minute  to let your mind take a  breathe , do it , and then get back and handle it like a boss , you got this.
  3. Ask help and lead: your strength  is teamwork , when in a difficult and pressure moment  everyone gives that something   little extra ,  no one will struggle.
  4. Believe and be positive: if you’re negative in a demanding  situation then you will  have negative results. Be positive   everything  will work out ,  believe it and perform it.
  5. Be quick  with the problem: when there  is pressure  it is natural  to make  mistakes,  and it’s OK , manage it smartly and quickly  without analysing  it  and wasting time . Emphasise the solution and not the problem   . when you act  like this no one will ever know there was a problem.


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