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Published on 8 June 2023 at 17:09

Being a manager these days is one of the easiest jobs positions you can have, the fun fact is that people take the title too seriously but not the job, being a manager has taken a very wrong turn. Unfortunately  , they give such an important position to people who have no vision, knowledge what it means working for a team , and the worst is with zero knowledge of work ethics. We let them play with human's  mental health , to push them over the  edge  and break their confidence , they are sabotaging   their work and I can go on for hours about this. But in this article   I want to tell you how not to  be that kind of manager,  if you have this position  I can tell you how to become a successful leader, where  everyone will want to work with you . 


  1. Give confidence : what that means? If you are a yeller, I am going yo  ask you to stop right now. If you have a strong voice  like me,  use it to give them confidence, in time of  pressure when work have to be done I promise you by giving them confidence you will make them do it better , words have power . You can use motivational words according to your character and how your team knows you. However  I will  give you some examples that you can use.
  • You can do this
  • You are the best
  • Well done, bravo
  • I know you’re under pressure but I’m with you and we’ll do it together


  1. Know your team : You have to know each employee in  your team. Their names, their character, their fears, their stress, and their capabilities  . You can’t put someone who is stressed under pressure on  important tasks and risky moments . You have to know where to place each person in each situation, you have to always be ready to step into the mess and save the day , you must  put everything in place to work properly and whether you like it or not sometimes you have to do the most hard work where no one else can.
  1. Control your personal emotions  : Its hard  but I will tell  you that you can do it. I learned to do it . A great leader is the one who knows how to control their feelings, as soon you step foot  at work, you forget everything includes your personal life . You’re sad? You had a fight at home? Your car broke down ?                  I do not care.  I know it’s harsh but you have a responsibility,  you have a team waiting for you to guide  them to work, they are not a punching bag to take out your personal stress. Control it or stay home!!!          Go to work with a smile and motivation for your team,  always greet  your colleagues  ,  ask them how  they are . Good morning is a word with a lot of power , use it every day. It’s OK to be loud funny and loved please understand that and you will see that with this behaviour you will feel so much better.
  1. Don’t let them fear you, but respect you: managers these days think fear is power and that's very sad. If only they  knew that the power within their  hands is to be  loved,  love results in respect  .When someone truly loves they will do anything to make you happy , they will do their best not to let you down and cause you troubles ,  when you are a leader you are loved and respected,  when you are a manager you cause fear and a hate. It’s your choice.


  1. Control your work feelings:This was basically the most difficult part for me as a manager, it is very hard situation because you are dealing at that moment with an employee who created the stress for you , not everyone in your team deserves your respect and kindness but You have to control your anger we all have or had a colleague who made us want to slap them ,but if you lose control you will give them the satisfaction of failure , you are human and I know from personal experience you can lose control in seconds it’s OK. Lose it, but don’t show it .lose your shit but don't show it, this is the moment you take a deep breath and let your mind clear before you speak if you need a moment you're a manager and you can have it get out of the room and say sorry i'll be back in a few minutes to talk to you , give yourself time to catch your breath and go back and handle everything professionally.        

These are some things I wish I knew better when I had the position of director,  there are many more which we will slowly talk about,  if you need any help on this matter do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to help you,  is a position with too many obligations and great responsibility , but nothing is impossible  when there is will and effort. Keep it up.




If you haver any questions or a subject you would like me to write, 

don’t hesitate to email me,  I would love to help you.





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