Be fair to keep the balance

Published on 19 June 2023 at 12:39


By being fair you keep a good balance at work. You can’t have favourite's based on human character but being fair  doesn’t mean you have to reward everybody the same.

  1. Recognise your loyal and good employees: who was by you side in difficult times  , who helped you ?Keep your eyes open to recognise these people and let your superiors know so they can be rewarded. 
  2. Be “savage “ : sometimes for everything to  work properly  you have to be a little strict because too much kindness can lead to exploitation  . You should  know when to raise the tone of  your voice (not to shout) strong, clear, strict confident voice to the person who does not understand the seriousness of the situation .  There’re  people you say something once and calmly and they understand   , but they are also people  you need to be strict to put them back in line , you  must know each person individually to be able  to manage each person accordingly.
  3. Forget your personal relationships: You are not allowed to have friends or family during working hours,  i use during  working hours and not in the workplace  because sometimes it can happen,  you may have under your superior a family member, or your  partner  , or a friend.  wile you are at work you forget your personal relationships, and  treat them like employees.   Never , EVER take the responsibility of any promotion for this persons  , this will have the effect  of bringing the division into the company. In a situation like this let your superiors take  take the responsibility of this promotion. 
  4. Program/schedule: if your job requires  shifts and weekends , you have to be fair,  example : When you give a promise to someone you will give them only morning  shifts and weekends off    this  automatically means that  the rest of the team  cover what is left, and that’s not fair for anybody. When you do an interview  be sure of the agreement you make without any member of your team suffers from it . The schedule must be fair for everybody with all the requests, annual leaves and offs. 
  5. Be fair with the tasks: everyone should work equally , even if they have difference in the salary , that leads  to them being longer to the company  and earn it. Everyone will  get there at some point by time and effort that doesn’t mean they should work less  . All the team must give the same amount of work. It’s your job to keep the balance.      Ps. Always be considerate of people who go the extra mile on their own  so you will know when and who to reward. 


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