Know who you are

Published on 19 June 2023 at 12:53


  1.  Be bold and strong: you must  be  powerful,  you are right in the middle of everything. Employees, customer, bosses and company. Don't misunderstand me. Bold and strong doesn’t mean be rude, or a  yeller and hard on people, but being kind . Handle things smooth  "like a boss'' ,without any stress or struggle.
  2. Be active:  You know what you signed  up for ,  like it or not  you must  work harder than everyone  else , after all,  you are the brain of the team. Be careful, I don't mean you have to do what is your employee duty, these days manager misunderstand their position. Your job is to put your team to work ,train them , help them so everyone will be on their right position , have everything under control and be sure everyone is doing their job. Bad bosses nowadays  forcing you to get the job done no matter which role you gonna  play. If this is what you do then you are not the manager but the person who covers everything and everyone , soon you will loose control . 
  3. Do not tolerate   disrespect: the first person who should respect you and your work is your superiors  , (your ceo , your boss)  if you are not particularly  respected in front of the staff, your job will simple be more difficult . How do you  expect respect from your team when the person who has chosen  this position for you does not respect you  in front of them , never  accept such a thing . Keep your pride and dignity. Never accept disrespect from the staff either.  Allowing one person means you allow everyone. 
  4. Be confident, be real, be you: a personal expression  of mine that I use often is  "confidence have an aroma".  When someone is confident, (not arrogant ) you can smell it , you can feel it , It is the energy of success that you know who you are.. It's the confidence that's spreads so evenly  that when you walk in a panicked spaced and  just smile, everyone  knows that they are saved. To get to the point of this aura takes a lot of inner work , start today.
  5. Be always presentable: look fresh, have clean face and clean hands , smell nice .  Also sleeping and eating well it’s important. You must let your mind rest when you are not working . It is unacceptable  for you to walk into your workplace and  look like you just came out of hell . You are the face of the company, act accordingly. 



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